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For over 16 years, Loveland Roofing LLC has been serving Loveland, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Windsor, Berthoud, Greeley and the Northern Colorado areas.   We specialize in re-roofing and new construction roofing for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

iStock_000014437194XSmall (2)We know that a new roof is a major expenditure and want you to be comfortable knowing that Loveland Roofing LLC is well experienced and has a proven,  positive and local reputation.   Our detailed, free estimates provide an opportunity to gain a full understanding of your project.

Of course, our work is done according to local codes and specifications.

If your project involves an insurance claim,  we can handle the negotiations for you.    Because we have continuously dealt with insurance companies for years, we speak their language as well as your language.   The result of this clear communication is that you end up with the best possible outcome with the least amount of your effort!

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Each of our suppliers have had to show that their products meet our high quality standards for our specific Northern Colorado climate.     Our bright sunshine, high winds and extreme temperature changes demand that only the appropriate roofing materials be used.

Our work crews are local, dependable, highly trained and supervised.  Tarps are used to cover the landscaping.    A truck or trailer is parked close to the building for debris and haul away.   In order to not inconvenience the customer, the truck or trailer can be moved to the street at the end of the day.  The area is cleaned up each day with a thorough clean up at the completion of the project which includes the use of a magnet to pick up any nails that may have fallen to the ground.

Loveland Roofing LLC is proud of our positive reputation in our community.   Why not add your name to our growing list of very satisfied customers?

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